Day 8: Favorite collaboration

Zoella and Marcus Butler

I really like their Accent Challenge video; it’s probably my favorite. I love anytime they collab because they’re such great friends and you can really see that chemistry in their videos together. They’re both so funny and you can really tell they have a blast making videos together. ^-^

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how naturally sarcastic little shits show their sensitive side:image

thanks dan

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The Time I Got Sunstroke

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Anonymous said:
If you were the summer rain, I'd leave my umbrella at home and dance outside with you - Odd Socks

That is adorable. ^-^

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Anonymous said:
you're just really nice, seeing you on my dash makes me smile :3

Good, you should always smile. ^-^

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Anonymous said:
hey pal, have fun on your trip tomorrow! :)

Thanks! =)

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Anonymous said:
Do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot?


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