Day 15: Favorite picture of the Youtubers together

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Day 14: Youtuber you best relate to

Dan Howell

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Day 13: Youtuber you’d swap bodies with


She’s so gorgeous.

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Day 12: The biggest Directioner Youtuber

Tyler Oakley


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Day 11: #1 Youtuber you want to meet

Phil Lester

I’ve heard so many great things about him meeting fans. He’s the sweetest person on this planet, it seems. Also, I just really want a Phil hug.

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Day 10: Youtuber you’ve met

Sadly, I have not met any Youtubers yet.

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Day 9: Pair you wish would collaborate

Dan, Phil, and Tyler Oakley

I don’t think this needs any explanation. 

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Day 8: Favorite collaboration

Zoella and Marcus Butler

I really like their Accent Challenge video; it’s probably my favorite. I love anytime they collab because they’re such great friends and you can really see that chemistry in their videos together. They’re both so funny and you can really tell they have a blast making videos together. ^-^

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how naturally sarcastic little shits show their sensitive side:image

thanks dan

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The Time I Got Sunstroke

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